Sales Training

Sales Negotiations are a waste of everyone's time unless you know how to secure the sale.

We explore the crucial elements of the process of the sales negotiations so that you know how to secure the sale. 

Sales Training Objectivessales training

  • How do you already boost sales
  • Your unique sales negotiation style
  • What works for you
  • Key stages of successful negotiations
  • Vital elements of good preparation
  • Practice a range of strategies
  • Open up and close down areas for debate
  • Achieving constructive wins
  • On the 'back foot' options


Closing the Deal and Boosting Sales

Our Sales Training Courses can be tailored to your specific in-house need, wants and issues.

Our aim is to support your colleagues to feel fully confident and equipped in closing their next sales deal.

Closing the Deal and Boosting Sales Skills

Here are some reasons why a Tailored Sales Negotiation Skills course may be suitable for your company:

Your colleagues may already be doing fine but would like to refresh their skills and reaffirm their approach, or else they may have never experienced any kind of formal sales training and would like to demystify the whole process.

Especially in the current climate, we know that every company needs to feel confident that their colleagues are 'firing on all cylinders' and able to close the deal, even when the going may get tough.

We offer your colleagues a welcome opportunity to pool and share the crucial elements of best practice, to help them to achieve their sales targets, reinforce your company's expectations and to underline the bottom line keeping the door open for future business.

With a sharpened awareness of all they already do well, together with bucket loads of extra insights to add to their personal sales toolkits, a day or two spent training with us is a great way to ensure that sales and confidence enjoy a mutual boosting.

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Sales Negotiation Training

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Training Course Accreditation

Communication Skills Trainer Accreditation

To ensure that the courses you attend are of the highest quality, offering the best professional tuition possible,
all our Open Courses are evaluated and accredited.

This accredited course is suitable for corporate and public sector Continuing Professional Development Plans and Portfolios.

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There is a 20% discount on all Early Bird and Late Bookings. The course must be paid for at the time of booking.

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