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PowerPoint is a double edged sword that can be your most powerful ally or a ball and chain holding you back from presenting even adequately.

Every slide should have a purpose and add a new dimension to your presentation.

PowerPoint Training Objectivespowerpoint presentation training

  • Defining best practice
  • Knowing how to focus a key message
  • Effective ways to prepare and structure
  • Positively engaging audiences
  • Variety in PowerPoint presentations
  • Planning, Production and Practice
  • Delivering Impactful Presentations
  • Constructive feedback on ways to develop further
  • Troubleshooting worst case presentation scenarios
  • Feeling more confident
  • Awareness of future presentation options
  • Why PowerPoint Training?

PowerPoint is ubiquitous

Whether it's the right medium to use is almost irrelevant because just about everybody uses it.

Therefore, any Business PowerPoint Presentation better be exceptional or it will do more harm than good, putting audiences to sleep and boring people with too much detail and too many dull slides.Powerpoint Training

We'd go so far as to say that just about everyone who uses PowerPoint, uses it badly (or at best achieves mediocrity), or doesn't use it well enough to make it a brilliant support tool.

Instead, most presenters approaching a Business PowerPoint Presentation (which means most presentations) automatically choose traditional templates for creating slides and then spend crucial amounts of time meticulously putting them together.

All Business Presentations are PowerPoint Presentations

Nearly all business presentations are PowerPoint Presentations, in fact PowerPoint is now so wide spread that those of you with children may well have noticed their homework is now asking them to produce PowerPoint Presentations.

Creating a "slide show", as they used to be called, obliges you to organise your thoughts and arguments in a credible and logical way.

This is an excellent starting point for communicating ideas and information to other people.

It does not, however make you or your PowerPoint Presentation engaging or interesting. 

If you accept PowerPoint's default settings it will point you towards creating a slide show with an agenda slide followed by a series of title and bullet point slides and concluding with a summary slide.

A truly engaging and compelling PowerPoint Presentation has to be crafted for delivery and to this end work on the PowerPoint should be to help support a dynamic presentation and not a predictable slide show.

  • There may be people in your company who always use PowerPoint Presentations and just need more flair, more spark and more style. 
  • There may be people who are new to presentations and need to understand how best to use PowerPoint to get the most out of their presentations. 
  • There may be people who need to take a whole new creative look at the way they approach PowerPoint Presentations. 

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