Negotiation - Make The World Your Oyster

Breakfast Taster


Wednesday 12th July 2017


Time: 8.30am - 10am



Fast-paced, light-hearted 90 minute experiential ‘taste’ of our take on Negotiation



Suite 121, Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH, UK

Negotiation - Make the World Your Oyster


You will look at:

·         Recognise negotiation types

·         Prepare for negotiations

·         Build the negotiating relationship

·         Elicit information effectively

·         Hold your ground when you need to

·         Deal with the tough guys

·         Close the deal

·         Negotiate with flair


Negotiation is Hot Hot Hot right now; we will all be watching to see just how effective the big negotiations are….at the same time, good techniques can be used across the board, including with the five year old.

In the constantly changeable status quo we’re living in, Negotiation is at the top of the political and business agenda. How do you achieve your goals in this super competitive and faster paced world? Have the rules of negotiation changed in this multigenerational and diverse market? 

At our Breakfast Taster, we will look at the Negotiation Rules of Engagement that will help you achieve your goals while remaining true to your values.

Great negotiation is about knowing what to give away, what’s non-negotiable and how to blend soft influencing skills with hard negotiation techniques.

Join us on Wednesday 12th July 2017 (8.30am – 10.00am) and you will get a taste of our take on Negotiation.

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