Personal Impact

Strong Word: Impact

It happens when something or someone comes into contact with something or someone else.

It doesn't have to be a big loud crash - an impact can be made quite softly and quietly and still be mighty effective.

What counts is how appropriate it is to the situation.

When it comes to individuals making an impact, personal impact, we think in terms of leaving something behind that wasn't there before; changing someone else's view, stimulating them, challenging or provoking them, inspiring or motivating them. Someone speaking to huge numbers of people who need to be motivated and inspired may need to use loads of energy and enthusiasm to get the message across.

That same message given in a one-to-one situation may need to be delivered in a more measured, calmer style so the other person doesn't feel overwhelmed. In both cases the 'speaker' is making a personal impact, but is choosing the impact that's relevant to each occasion.

When it comes to communication, first impressions, getting your message across and influencing others, the impact you make is crucial. You'll make a personal impact no matter what, but it's making the impact you want (rather than making one by accident) that's important.

If you're in the business world, you've obviously impressed enough people with your skills and capabilities to get where you are: you are impactful. Now may be the time to ensure you always come across to others the way you intend and with the most appropriate personal impact.