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Mentoring Skills

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Business Mentoring Skills

Mentoring Skills

Many people think that when they're hired to do a job, particularly if it's a well paid and/or high flying job, they're supposed to know everything.

They should be able to handle everything with ease, deal with other people's problems and in general be super-person.

Even when people are at the beginning of their careers, they may feel they are supposed to know more and be able to do more than they are currently able to.

A common and recurrent nightmare for both these groups is the feeling that somehow they will be 'found out' as not being up to the job and thrown out on their ear.

It's as if the higher up the pecking order you are the less support and help you should need.

What often gets left out of when people apply for a job - wherever you are on the career ladder - is that you will need some form of guidance and support along the way.

Some companies are smarter than others.

They know people perform better if they are nurtured and therefore part of their employee care is to have a business mentoring programme.

Unfortunately, many companies do not.

A Mentor is a Guide:

A mentor should feel like an advisor, someone on your side; loyal, interested, trusted and most importantly, experienced in areas that you may not be.

Mentoring can be done by someone senior to you or on an equal footing, but who helps steer your career through both the good and the difficult times.

A mentor can almost be seen as a wise, experienced friend or favourite aunt or uncle type person.

A mentor leads by example and is a role model.

Mentoring helps you see the big picture and understand the politics of the organisation you work for.

There are a few important things that will help you make the most of your mentor.

Meet with your mentor on a regular basis
Set clear objectives
Rely on your mentor for guidance, not answers
Be honest
A mentor isn't a dumping ground

UMentoring is one of the best ways to develop yourself and is a great way not to have to go it alone.

A good business mentoring programme will provide motivation and inspiration.

Business Mentoring will help you find ways to deal with immediate difficulties as well as helping you to plan a long-term career strategy.

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