Impact Factory runs tailored Creativity and Innovation Trainings
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for anyone working with Brainstorming issues


Innovative ideas are fast becoming the oxygen and life blood of business today, particularly when considering ways to weather the current economic climate.

However the myth of the creative genius working alone and coming up with unique and innovative is gradually being debunked. Though a single creative mind may often bring an idea to the table there is mounting evidence to suggest that it is actually diverse groups of people sharing thoughts and ideas that leads to an innovation.

We believe everyone has the potential to solve problems in innovative ways but some of us need a little help. There are many great brainstorming tools on the market and increasingly we are seeing brainstorming software which claims to help you generate ideas.

At Impact Factory we provide software for the best piece of hardware in the known universe.

Your brain.

Who needs a computer when you have access to six trillion brain cells? If you can engage just 20% of those you have a whole lot of thinking power.

Our Brainstorming day

That's why we have designed a day of Brainstorming to explore tools and processes that can help anyone generate new ways of thinking about an issue.

The day will explore leading edge brainstorming techniques to literally help you to expand your thought processes and be truly productive with your new ideas.

While we won't necessarily be looking to solve any problems on the day we will be providing you with brainstorming techniques you can take away and apply to your specific issues.

"Give a person a fish and they'll eat for the day. Teach a person to fish and they'll eat for the rest of their lives."


Brainstorming Skills Training

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