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Managing change during uncertainty

Targeted training topics


Communication skills key issues

Over the years, we have developed a number of 'core' programmes to deal with specific issues that our clients have presented. Each and every one gets tailored to fit our clients exactly.

Advanced Presentation Skills Training
Once you're over the initial hurdle of getting your confidence up and some experience of presenting Advanced Presentation Skills is the course that will turn you from a competent presenter into a brilliant presenter.

Assertiveness Training
Basic or Advanced Assertiveness Courses and Classes offer key techniques to deal with Bullying, Confrontations and Difficult People.

Business Networking Skills
Most people share an uneasiness of walking into a group of strangers and socialising with charm and wit. Learn how to be more at ease in the networking arena and build the kind of relationships that will develop your company and take the sting out of events.

Business Relationship Management
Relationship building is all about the fact that it's 'you they buy' at gut level. Clearly, they are interested in what your company has to offer or you wouldn't be having meetings with them in the first place, but for the duration of those meetings you are the company.

Change Management Training
Any culture, business or Organisational Change eats up consultants and training budgets. The language is frightening. Process engineering, supply cycles, control planning models. What's needed is some understanding of the theory, the effects on jobs and lifestyle and some simple coping strategies.

Coaching For Managers
This Two Day Coaching Skills Training programme offers an interactive and experiential approach to learning the essential skills for coaching as a manager. It is ideal for managers at all levels who want to empower and motivate their team.

Communication Skills Training
The single most important skill you have to have in business is to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues and customers. From making sure you're understood to delivering difficult messages to handling conflict, just about everyone could do with polishing their skills to become more effective communicators.

Conflict Management Training
Many people manage conflict by avoiding it. Whether it's workplace disputes, difficult people or unresolved conflicts the thing to aim is resolution, otherwise, what's the point? Here we help people get to the heart of the problem so they can get to the heart of the solution.

Creative Business Writing
Enliven your marketing campaigns, reports, press releases, even your emails with this creative business writing workshop. You will also learn how to overcome White Page Syndrome so your writing can flow and you can stop procrastinating as deadlines approach.

Creativity Training Creativity and Innovation - the Creative Muscle
Stretching the boundaries of Creativity and Innovation in everyday thinking, leading to an inspired and innovative attitude to new possibilities.

Customer Service Training Courses, Customer Care Training
The Customer is Always Right (and so are you). Creating Win/Win situations so everyone goes away feeling 'right'.

Executive Coaching
Effective Coaching and support for senior people and key company personnel delivered by Impact Factory's senior personnel.

Facilitation and Meetings Skills
Avoid Death by Meeting by learning easy-to-achieve facilitation skills. Cut through time wasting, distractions and hidden agendas with a whole range of techniques to make the full range of meetings more productive.

Influencing Skills Training
Influencing Training. Get your own way with panache and style without hurting or upsetting anyone. Learn subtle techniques to smooth your path and discover how to create a group of champions who want to give their support instead of being coerced into it.

Interview Skills Training
Getting the job you want is a key career and potentially life-changing time. Having some solid interview techniques and skills can make all the difference between you getting what you want or you being disappointed because once again, the interview didn't go as well as you wanted it to.

Leadership Development - Leadership Skills and Training
Leadership Development. One of those areas about which a huge amount is said and at the same times leaves big questions hanging in the air. What exactly is a Leader? And can you take someone who isn't a Natural Leader and turn them into one? Answers here!

Line Management Training
Line management can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. Whatever the challenges of your line managers, tailored training can help to address specifically where they find it tricky. Often it’s around delegation, giving difficult feedback and keeping teams motivated, however, each organisation has its own challenges to which we can help to define and deliver a tailored solution.

Management Skills Training
From newly appointed managers to those who have been in harness for a while, good management skills are essential for success. Too often good people start off with high expectations and hopes and end up either leaving their management role or becoming mediocre and unmotivated or somewhere in between. That doesn't need to happen.

Media Training - Media Skills Training
From facing Jeremy Paxman to your local newspaper reporter, Media Skills training will make sure you're prepared for the best and the worst. You'll learn how to handle TV appearances, radio broadcasts, press conferences, hostile questions and make sure you make the impact you want in front of the media.

Mentoring Programmes
At last! Lots more companies are waking up to the fact that people can't always 'do it' alone. They need support, guidance and nurturing. To help with this, organisations are putting Mentoring Programmes in place.

Negotiation Skills Training
Whether it's 'Hard' Negotiation, such as Negotiating Business Contracts, Debt, or a Salary Increase, or 'Soft' Negotiations such as deciding who's going to do what in your team or Handling Staff Conflict, to be effective the process has to suit the style of the person doing the Negotiation.

Performance Management Training and Appraisals
Performance Appraisals can be a terrific forum for review, development and communication. We take a realistic look at employee and staff Performance Management and Appraisal Interviews. What form should they take? 360 degree? How critical? How often? What training system works best?

Personal Impact Training
Many of us aren't very adept at understanding the personal impact we make on others. Here you get to look at what makes an impact and how you can make the impression you want without compromising who you are.

Pitching for Business
Pitching for business isn't just doing well at the 'beauty parade', where what you have on offer may be similar to everyone else who's pitching. The better you are at relationship building the better your chances are of clinching the deal.

PowerPoint with Impact Presentation Training
PowerPoint is a double edged sword that can be your most powerful ally or a ball and chain holding you back from presenting even adequately.

Presentation Skills Training: Book Presentation Skills Courses Now
Present with flair, overcome nerves, design compelling presentations. Here you can learn tips to develop business presentation skills, the effective use of PowerPoint and how to be a better public speaker at conferences, meetings, even weddings and other social events.

Project Management Training
Deadlines and expertise ought to create a powerful dynamic to get projects up and running. Too often, they don't. Good project management brings all the disparate elements together and unlike trying to herd cats, is a way to draw the best from people, skills and processes.

Public Speaking
Did you know that Public Speaking tops the list of phobias for most people? Not spiders or heights - Public Speaking - Speech in Public!

Quicker Better Meetings
Meetings. Don't you just love 'em? There must be a better way. There is! Quicker Better Meetings gives you skills to stick to the agenda, cut through waffle, manage disruptive people and make sure your meetings do what they're supposed to.

Report Writing
To produce professional reports people will want to read, they must be consistent, brief, clear, concise and effective. If they are not easy to read, understand and act upon, no one will read them.

Sales Training: Closing the Deal and Boosting Sales
Sales Negotiations are a waste of everyone's time unless you know how to secure the sale. We explore the crucial elements of the process.

Senior Management
This two day Senior Management programme breaks down the grand title and unpicks what being senior is all about. Now that you have been recognised as someone who can fulfil your organisations vision and values you are a true leader of others.

Strategic Thinking Training
The words vision, strategy, mission and values are words bandied around a lot in the corporate world. But what do they actually mean and how can you make them more than just words? This Programme gives an introduction to the idea of strategic thinking and more importantly provides some practical tools and techniques for turning strategy into reality.

Stress Management Training
Some Stress can be good for you. Pressure helps you focus and gives you direction. So a little more pressure and stress will make you even more productive won't it? Well the thing about stress is that too much makes things and people fracture. Not slowly, but instantly.

Telephone Techniques
A one day Telephone Techniques course that will enable you to use the phone in an effective way. You will learn how to create the impression you want by working on a variety of telephone situations and you will gain an increased awareness about how to make the telephone a useful tool rather than a limiting one.

Time Management
Time isn't just seconds, minutes and hours, it's a commodity. Effective time management gives you an edge over your competitors by giving you the clarity to get things done successfully. This workshop offers simple and practical tools to help delegates stay at their most effective.

Train The Trainer
The trainers train the staff. But who trains the trainers? This intensive programme works on increasing skills and confidence, whilst also looking at how to create a dynamic training environment. This is a great course to top up even the best of training skills.

Work Life Balance
Two for the Price of one. Striking the right balance between Work and Home.

Writing Effective Press Releases
To coin the clich, how can you gain the maximum oxygen of publicity for your company or clients if it is your job to write effective press releases? We get you to think like journalists for the day, to help you to hook and engage your readers by practising and crafting your next press releases.

Writing Skills Training
If you are in business you need to be able to write. From emails through to PR copy you need to be able to express yourself in words that can inspire, motivate and inform everyone associated with your business.

Writing for the Web and Other Online Media
Writing for the Web and Other Online Media requires new writing skills and an understanding of how to build effective relationships with your unseen audience. This workshop will polish your writing skills and understanding of how to get the most out of online media.

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